Learning Exercise

Teaching is a research endeavor

Biology majors may take an independent study course at California State University Fullerton, to explore an issue in teaching and learning. For three semester hours credit, students must provide 40 hours community service in a school. Based on their experience and weekly discussion seminars,student investigate a teaching and learning issue of their choice, they collect data, and they write a term paper.
Course: BIOL 480

This book presents a contemporary account of the principles of learning. It provides an authoritative and comprehensive... see more


Technical Notes

The greatest challenge when introducing students to issues in science teaching and learning is to make the students aware of the broad research base that informs us about what works. This book, available free on-line, is an authoritative and comprehensive resource on research into teaching and learning.


A science major with good academic standing.


Topics selected by students have included (1) Critical thinking and Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives, (2) Eliciting generative thinking (3) Deep or surface learning, and (4) Matching classroom instruction activity to educational objecties.

Learning Objectives

To understand that there is a research-base upon which ideas about teaching and learning science are constructed and to use research citations in a term paper dealing with an issue in science teaching and learning.