Learning Exercise

Quality of Life Measured by the Human Development Index

Students access the United Nations' Human Development Index and determine the quality of life of selected countries.
Course: International Marketing

The Human Development Index is a measure of the extent to which a government satisfies its people's needs and the extent... see more


The UN's Human Development Index address not just the financial wealth of a country, but the human aspects of economic development, such as health care, education, and a decent standard of living.

1. Go to the Human Development Index. The first page contains information on countries that have a High HDI. At the bottom, you can also access the countries that have Medium HDI and Low HDI. Select one country from the High HDI list and record the name of the country and:

a. Life expectancy at birth

b. Adult literacy rate

c. Real GDP per capita

d. Human Development Index Value

e. Real GDP per capita rank minus HDI rank.

2. Go to the Medium HDI and the Low HDI and record the same information.

3. Answer the following questions:

a. Is there a link between income and life expectancy?

b. What differences do you see between Developing countries and Industrialized countries?

c. Explain the meaning of the last column: Real GDP per capita rank minus HDI rank.



Basic understanding of simple economic factors such as Gross Domestic Product and Literacy Rates.


International Marketing; Country Development; Global Economics

Learning Objectives

1. To show that quality of life (well being) is more than a country's financial wealth.