Learning Exercise

Asking questions in the classroom

Students videotape themselves while they direct an instructional activity in the classroom. They then submit the video to a computer in MPEG format. Using vPrism, they mark each time they ask a question. Questions and student responses are transcribed. Questions are then coded as yes/no, short answer, multiple choice, or generative questions that lead to responses that reveal student thinking.
Course: BIOLOGY 499: Into the Streets with Science Education

The TIMSS-R Video Study is a cross-national study of eighth-grade classroom mathematics and science teaching. The study... see more


This assignment grew out of converstations in weekly reflection seminars. I plan to implement a similar, but more structured assignment in a science class for pre-service teachers in the near future.


Technical Notes

This activity was used by a Community Service Learning students who were taking marine invertebrates into the classroom. Video was converted to MPEG digital using a Hitachi MPEG camera with a 1 gig type III PCMCIA card. Work-study students assisted in transcribing the questions and answers. Some students then exported their video clips to CD's as a record of their teaching strategies.


Senior standing as a Biology major.
Expressed interest in teaching.


Questioning strategies.
Critical thinking.
Wait time.

Learning Objectives

To help students develop the critical skill of observing themselves and others when faced with a challenge so they can develop techniques to confront obstacles.