Learning Exercise

Study SQL Tutorial and Practice Writing SQL Code

Students read the tutorial and then test their understanding by typing SQL code for the exercises. When they submit their query the code runs and produces output, or an error message if there is a problem with the code.
Course: (Introduction to Relational) Databases

Tutorial that provides introductory information on features of Structured Query Language (SQL), and an online database... see more


  1. Go to the SQL Interpreter and Tutorial website.
  2. Skim the material on this page
  3. Click on the 1-What is SQL? link on the right side of the screen and skim the material on the page that comes up
  4. Click on the 2-Table Basics link and skim the material on this page
  5. Click on the 3-Selecting Data link and read the material on this page
  6. Write your answer for the first item in the Select Statement Exercises in the input area under the SQL Interpreter heading, and click the Submit Query button
  7. (You may find it useful to copy each of your answers into a word processor file, so that you can check them against the answers after you complete the Exercises)
  8. If you receive an error message, click the Back button on your browser, modify the code and submit it again
  9. Repeat the previous steps (6 - 8) for Exercises 2 through 6
  10. After you have tried all the exercises, you can check your answers by clicking on the Answers to These Exercises link
  11. Repeat these steps for the links for 4-Creating Tables through 8-Drop a Table on the right side of the screen


    Technical Notes

    Computer with Internet connection and web browser


    Web browsing skills


    1-Fundamentals of relational databases,
    2-SQL Programming

    Learning Objectives

    Student will be able to write SQL statements to select data from a table, create a table, insert data, update records, delete records, and delete a table.