Learning Exercise

Autism and Learning Disabilities: A Comparison of Instructional Implications

This website details seven areas under "Characteristics Associated with Autism": 1) Impairments in Communication, 2) Impairments in Social Interaction, 3) Unusual Behaviors and Interactions, 4) Attentional Difficulties, 5) Cognitive Deficits and Cognitive Learning Styles, 6) Unusual Responses to Sensory Stimuli, and 7) Anxiety.
Course: Special education teaching methods

THIS IS A PDF THAT WILL DOWNLOAD WHEN YOU CLICK DOWNLOAD MATERIAL. This site is an introduction to autism and Asperger... see more


1. Visit the "Teaching Students with Autism" website at

2. Go to the link entitled "Characteristics Associated with Autism."

3. Read through each of the seven sections, paying particular attention to the
"Implications for Instruction" listed under each section.

4. Select one of the seven sections to discuss further.

5. Write a 2 to 3 page analysis of the similarities and differences between the
types of instructional strategies/techniques which would need to be
employed for individuals with autism vs. individuals with learning




An understanding of the characteristics and teaching strategies/techniques for
working with students with learning disabilities.


Instructional practices and implications

Learning Objectives

To help preservice teachers understand the similarities and differences of working
with students with autism and students with learning disabilities.