Learning Exercise

Linking Online Chats to the Literature

LD OnLine includes a section where experts in the field are asked to participate in online chats. Each chat focuses on a different aspect of learning disabilities.
Course: Introduction to Learning Disabilities; Methods Course in Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

This site contains a great deal of information on the field of learning disabilities. It contains information... see more


1. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page for LD OnLine (http://www.ldonline.org).

2. Locate the section entitled "Your Guide to LD OnLine."

3. Click on the "Ask the Expert" link.

4. Select a transcript from any previously conducted online chat. Choose any
topic that is of interest to you.

5. Read through this transcript thoroughly.

6. Go to the literature in this area and find at least one research article
which supports or refutes the information stated by the author(s).

7. Write an analysis of what you found.




Ability to navigate an online chat; ability to analyze research articles


Learning disabilities, online discussion formats, linking research to dialogue

Learning Objectives

To have students investigate what experts are currently saying during online discussion and how that parallels the current research literature.