Learning Exercise

Human Resource Management at the Cameron Balloon Virtual Factory

This is an on-line assignment that can be used in conjunction with the Virtual Factory site.
Course: Introduction to Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management

This is an excellent interactive on-line case study of the Cameron Hot Air Balloon factory in Bristol, UK. It covers... see more


First take a tour of the Virtual Factory and become familiar with its
operations. After reviewing each of the functions, go to the Site Map. From the
site map, click on the Worksheets link under the Production Area. Then follow
the assignment and respond to the questions for "W3," which is Worksheet 3
"Human Resource Management." Respond to all the questions that are listed in
Steps 1-4. Submit your responses as advised by your instructor.


Human Resource Management, Motivation Theory, Organizational Behavior

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

To learn some of the classic theories motivation and organizational behavior as they are applied to a real production facility.