Learning Exercise

How Can Others Benefit?

This website is primarily designed for use by parents, by others can gain a great deal of information from its contents.
Course: Guidance in Working with Families

The Technical Assistance Alliance for Parents' Web site focuses on technical assistance for parent training under the... see more


1. Go to the Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers website (http://www.taalliance.org/).

2. Answer the following questions:

a. What, in your opinion, is the purpose of the Technical Assistance Alliance

for Parent Center's website?

b. The benefits to parents are clearly stated, but what might be the benefits

of visiting this site for other members of a multidisciplinary team?

c. Briefly describe 3 or 4 ways in which you could use this site with the

families with whom you currently work or plan to work?




Understanding of parent advocacy issues


Parent assistance

Learning Objectives

Realizing the value of information designed for one audience for others