Learning Exercise

Adapting Instruction for Students with Special Needs

The Jason Project was designed for students without disabilities. Learning to adapt standard materials is a key component of the life of a special educator.
Course: Special Education Teaching Methods

The JASON Project is a hands-on, inquiry-based, learning experience providing a yearlong multi-media, interdisciplinary... see more


1. In pairs, visit the Jason Project website (http://www.jasonproject.org/front.html).

2. Read through the link of the curriculum preview.

3. How could the students with disabilities whom you currently teach or plan to
teach participate in this general education curriculum?

4. List the disability/disabilities of the students you are describing and
outline the types of adaptations you would need to make in order for this to be
a successful learning experience for all students.

5. Present your findings to the class.



Knowledge of standard general education curriculum frameworks
Knowledge of the range of appropriate adaptations for students with disabilities


Adapting standard curriculum materials.

Learning Objectives

To adapt standard curriculum to meet the needs of students with disabilities