Learning Exercise

Participating in an Online Chat with Other Teachers

Gain knowledge and share information with other teachers around the country who work with students with learning disabilities.
Course: Special Education Teaching Methods

This site contains a great deal of information on the field of learning disabilities. It contains information... see more


1. Visit the LD OnLine website (http://www.ldonline.org).

2. Scroll down the homepage until you reach the section entitled "Your Guide to LD OnLine."

3. Click on Bulletin Boards & LD Chat.

4. Select one of the following topics:
a. Teaching students with LD
b. Teaching students with ADHD
c. Teaching reading
d. Teaching mathematics
e. Teaching an inclusive classroom
f. Teaching with technology

5. Read through the chat as it already exists.

6. Participate in the discussion of this topic over the course of the semester.
Make at least 10 substantive comments which include reflection, personal
experience, and/or suggestions for others.



Knowledge of how to participate in an online chat.


Students with Learning Disabilities;
Students with ADHD;

Learning Objectives

To share information with other teachers.