Learning Exercise

Exploring "LD In-Depth"

This section of the LD OnLine website provides numerous articles on topics within the field of learning disabilities.
Course: Special Education Teaching Methods; Special Education Technology

This site contains a great deal of information on the field of learning disabilities. It contains information... see more


1. Go to the LD OnLine website (http://www.ldonline.org).

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to the section "Your Guide to LD

3. Select "LD In-Depth."

4. Next, select "Technology."

5. From this list, select an article of interest to you.

6. After thoroughly reading the article, write a review of its contents.
Include a summary of the article and your own reflections of its content.



Working knowledge of learning disabilities



Learning Objectives

To select and review an article located in "LD In-Depth" on technological applications for students with learning disabilities.