Learning Exercise

A track to help teachers survive web-based lessons.

This track teaches teachers to use Track Star through a sample lesson that guides teachers to resources that will help them use the internet in their
classrooms.The example track is also designed to help teachers to be able to focus their internet lessons so that students
will spend less time surfing and more time on task.
Course: Teaching Methods, Instructional Technology for Teachers

TrackStar is an on-line interface that helps instructors organize and annotate Web sites (URLs) into lessons. The list... see more


Review the lesson, Surf at the Beach not at School (A
track to help teachers survive
web-based lessons). Then search for other lessons relevant to topics
that interest you. Finally, create your own track for a lesson you would teach.
Submit your track URL via e-mail.


Browser skills: frames and/or navigation and use of the back button.


Web-based resources.

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Teachers will learn to use a resource to sequence and delimit the web pages that a student will access for a given assignment.