Learning Exercise

Using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to Determine Communication Styles

This assignment allows students to determine their selling style and then to development guidelines for adapting that selling style for customers with different comunication styles.
Course: Professional Selling

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is found on a commercial site that categorizes individuals into four types of... see more


Kersey Assign

Kersey Temperment Exercise

NOTE: This assignment should be made after class discussions
of communication styles and adaptive selling.

Go to the Keirsey website http://www.keirsey.com /cgi-bin/keirsey/newkts.cgi
and complete the Temperament Sorter II for you.

Prepare a typed one page report that includes the following:

1. What temperament style are you?

2. Is the description of your Temperament style and also your Character
style accurate? Why or why not?

3. Select one of the other three temperament styles and read the description.

4. Describe how you would adapt your sales call if you were calling
on a customer with this other type of temperament. Specifically:

        A. How would you change your
normal approach?


        B. How would you change
your questioning style?


        C. How would you change
your presentation?


        D. How would you change
handling objections?


        E. How would you close?


        F. How would you follow
up with this customer?


Technical Notes

Assessment:Students should be expected to identify how they will adapt their sales presentations. Although the Temperaments are different from the Communication styles, students should be able to discuss how they would change their presentation for a different Temperament style.


This assignment should be made after class discussions of communication styles and adaptive selling.


Target Audience:Primary - Undergraduate students in a Professional Selling classOther Potential Uses - With some adaptation in the assignment questions, undergraduate students in a Human Resource class.

Learning Objectives

1. To enable students to determine their own temperament styles.2. To illustrate for students that there are a wide variety of temperament styles that they will encounter in the workplace.3. To have students demonstrate how they would have to adapt their selling styles for people of different temperaments.