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German Sites-

Sites to use with German instruction.

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  • LangMedia Foreign Language Media Archive
    Great short video clips. Needs Real Player.
  • German for Music Lovers
    Truly AWESOME site. Includes lyrics for traditional and comtemporary music, i.e, Rammstein, Die Toten Hosen... Also has... More
  • Konjugator für deutsche Verben
    Konjugator für deutsche Verben (Reference Material)
    Conjugates verbs quickly and simply
  • - Literatur zum Hören
    High quality readings from literature with texts available for printing
  • Deutsch Online
    Deutsch Online (Tutorial)
    Excellent site. Includes grammar and many other aspects of German language.
  • Animated German Grammar
    Really awesome Powerpoint presentations on basic grammar. Could well be used when introducing these topics.
  • Best German Websites
    Best German Websites (Reference Material)
  • German Language (
    German Language ( (Drill and Practice)
    Probably the easiest site to get to. Lots of everything
  • Learn German Online
    Learn German Online (Collection)
    Contains SCHAU INS LAND
  • Crashkurs: 30 Schritte zur neuen Rechtschreibung
    Crash course in new spelling rules
  • German Exercises
    German Exercises (Quiz/Test)
    You can get a 30 day free trial or you can pay to use this excellent game producing site
  • Übungsgeneratoren (Deutsch Online)
    Has tools to create games, worksheets, etc.
  • Web German
    Web German (Tutorial)
    Awesome site. Include Deutsch imNetz and German Online
  • BBC Languages -  German
    BBC Languages - German (Collection)
    looks good didn't have tome to explore