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Learning Resources

This bookmark collection contains resources found in MERLOT for nursing students and/or individuals seeking additional nursing information.


Collection Content

  • The Nursing Theory Page
    The Nursing Theory Page (Reference Material)
    The Nursing Theory Page is a collaborative effort by an international group. They are interested in developing a... More
  • 12-lead ECG library
    12-lead ECG library (Collection)
    This is a comprehensive ECG library. The site includes facts, definitions, examples, case studies of multiple ECG... More
  • Think Cultural Health: Bridging the Gap Through Cultural Competency Continuing Education
    This learning resource, provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, provides three nursing case studies.... More
  • AJN The American Journal of Nursing
    The American Journal of Nursing is the oldest and most honored broad-based nursing journal in the world. Peer reviewed... More