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  • Plants at Enchanted Learning
    Plants at Enchanted Learning (Reference Material)
  • Becoming a Butterfly: Reading and Writing about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly
    In this lesson students will read the informational text The Life Cycle of a Butterfly by Lisa Trumbauer in order to... More
  • A Life Cycle App for iOS
    A Life Cycle App for iOS (Reference Material)
    This Life Cycles App is created by a team of high school students, educators, and parents in Texas. It is easy to use,... More
  • All about butterflies
    Activities and Information
  • Journey North Menu of Inquiry Strategies
    Tracking migration and seasons
  • Adaptation of Butterflies
    Habitat exploration - Scientists say that warmer temperatures are affecting where butterflies live and breed, causing... More
  • Butterfly Assessment
    Butterfly Assessment (Assessment Tool)
    This is an assessment idea to assess student's knowledge of the concepts taught in the aligned benchmark. The assessment... More
  • The Butterfly Life Cycle
    Teacher resource for writing lesson and using visuals
  • YouTube Video
    YouTube Video (External link)
    Butterfly Life Cycle - Students can learn visually by watching a animated short video