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3rd Grade Life Science Lesson - Resources

Bookmarks for 3rd grade science lesson on NGIS Standard 3-LS4-3 with a focus on how animals have certain characteristics that help them thrive in their habitat. This would be the first of a series, and would focus on students researching/exporing the features of different habitats. Students would use resources to look at all kinds of habitats and pick one they would research more in depth. 


Collection Content

  • DK Find Out! | Land Habitats
    DK Find Out! | Land Habitats (Reference Material)
    This site is a good place for students to explore what habitats they are interested in. The first page is a great... More
  • Kelp Forest and Rocky Subtidal Habitats
    This resource has lots of information of the animals of kelp forests, it is a more advanced text but is good to look at... More
  • Animals of the Forest
    Animals of the Forest (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    This is another detailed resource, unlike the Kelp forest one it includes lots of pictures. I particularly liked how it... More
  • Giant Pandas: Into the Wild
    This game could be fun for students but I also like how it embeds knowledge about what pandas need to survive such as... More
  • Switch Zoo: Teach and Learn
    This website has a few different simulations but the two that I think would be most useful is the habitat maker and the... More