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ETEC 450 Learning Objects

Potential resources to prepare for online/hybrid instruction for 2020-2021 school year, including resources for guided reading and ELA content.


Collection Content

  • Online Readiness Self-Assessment
    I would like to use this to reference when creating an online learning readiness assessment for my students' families. I... More
  • Blended Learning Implementation Guide
    This is an interesting reference to review if the school district I work for in the fall asks for us to plan for... More
  • Boom! Cards
    Boom! Cards (External link)
    Various library of interactive learning cards to screen share during Zoom and assign for students to practice on their... More
  • Epic! Books
    Epic! Books (External link)
    A collection of online digital books that are leveled for assessment and selection. I can use these books to screen... More
  • Vooks
    Vooks (External link)
    A library of interactive, digital books, including popular titles. I can screen share these books during Zoom calls for... More
  • Sight Words by Photo Touch App for iOS
    This sight word practice app could be provided to families to explore using at home on their own devices with their... More