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Digital / Media Literacy Module

Resources for a Middle School Digital / Media Literacy Module


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  • AllSides Media Bias Ratings
    AllSides Media Bias Ratings (Assessment Tool)
    This is a news media chart that rates news outlets based on political leanings. The five categories include: (1) left,... More
  • Interactive Media Bias Chart - Ad Fontes Media
    This is a highly informative media bias chart. Not only does it look at the political biases of the media, it has 7... More
  • Research Guides: Evaluating Sources: The CRAAP Test
    The CRAAP Test is a great tool for analyzing any type of informative source. CRAAP stands for Currency, Relevance,... More
  • AllSides
    AllSides (Collection)
    The home page of the All Sides website aggregates current news articles by topic. Each news topic has 3 sources - one... More
  • Analyzing How Words Communicate Bias
    This resource provides a great framework for students on how to analyze bias in terms of word choice. It also contains a... More
  • Evaluating Online Sources
    Evaluating Online Sources (Reference Material)
    This resource provides a lesson plan for high school students on how to evaluate online sources. It has relevant... More