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Poetry and Identity

Students will write poems and create an audio or video recording of their poems.


Collection Content

  • Where I'm From Poetry Lesson Plan
    This learning object will be used to introduce our unit’s summative assignment. Students will write a “Where I’m From”... More
  • Favorite Poem Project
    Favorite Poem Project (Collection)
    Students will use this website to look at model examples of students discussing their favorite poem(s). Students will... More
  • Instant Poetry 2 App for iOS
    Instant Poetry 2 App for iOS (Drill and Practice)
    Students will use this resource to help them create a visual poem. This app will allow students to experiment with... More
  • Teach Living Poets
    Teach Living Poets (External link)
    Students can use this resource during their Favorite Poem Project. I choose to teach living poets in my classroom,... More
  • I Am From Project
    I Am From Project (External link)
    This resource will be used with the “Where I’m From” poetry project. This website contains digital poems written by... More
  • Poetry 'Archive
    Poetry 'Archive (External link) is a wide-ranging repository for poems. Students will use this for their Favorite Poem Project, and they can... More