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  • Teaching history with technology
    Teaching history with technology (Reference Material)
    This website is a huge resource. It has links to lesson plans, online activities, online whiteboards, flashcards,... More
  • Children and Youth in History
    This is a primary source database which is focuses on the perspective of youth/young people in different eras of... More
  • EyeWitness to History
    EyeWitness to History (Collection)
    This has primary/secondary sources to historical events, focusing on people writing about their experiences during that... More
  • Digital History Interactive
    Digital History Interactive (Reference Material)
    This website provides an interactive timeline of American history, but it also provides further content such as... More
  • EDSITEment
    EDSITEment (Collection)
  • Teaching Behavioral Skills Online
    Teaching Behavioral Skills Online (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
  • Ancient History Encyclopedia
    Ancient History Encyclopedia (Reference Material)