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Sources on immigration throughout the history of the United States. The subject of immigration addresses the concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the U.S. and will allows students to explore these topics throughout history.  


Collection Content

  • US Immigration v2
    US Immigration v2 (Presentation)
    Students will explore the point of view of those opposed to immigration within the United States. It is important to... More
  • History Now
    History Now (Collection)
    Using interactive practices, students can explore various civil issues throughout U.S. history that will focus primarily... More
  • Immigration 1833-1965 - Negativism, Restriction and Foreign Policy
    The restrictions placed on immigration during the time period of 1833-1965 in the United States. Students will be able... More
  • Reframing America: Photography through the Eyes of Immigrants
    Students will be able to explore the points of view of immigrants to the United States through their photographs.
  • Outline of US History
    Outline of US History (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Students will explore the happenings throughout U.S. History beginning with the known history of Native Americans. They... More
  • How the United States Immigration System Works
    Students will understand the legal process of immigrating to the United States.