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History of U.S. Internment of Japanese Immigrants and Japanese-Americans During WWII

This collection includes resources that highlight the experiences of over 110,000 Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans who were unjustly and grossly placed into internment camps in the United States during and slightly after WWII from 1942-1946. This collection addresses EDI by including sources from Japanese Immigrants and Japanese-Americans as well as resources on important Japanese-American civil rights heroes. 


Collection Content

  • Rebuilding a Community | Japanese | Immigration and Relocation in ...
    Highlights Experiences of Japanese Communities following after internment.
  • About this Collection | Japanese-American Internment Camp ...
    This resource shows a contains a collection of articles written in English and Japanese by Japanese-Americans interned... More
  • Frank Emi- Rise Up for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Exhibit
    About important civil rights activist, Frank Emi. A Japanese-American born in Los Angeles in 1916, who organized... More
  • 442nd Regimental Combat Team
    During WWII, despite facing rampant racism and internment many Nisei men volunteered or were forcefully drafted into a... More
  • Japanese-Internment Camps
    Overview of the timeline and history of the U.S. forced internment of Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans.
  • Fred Korematsu
    Fred Korematsu (External link)
    About important civil rights hero, Fred Korematsu, who challenged interment resulting in his arrest and conviction. His... More
  • Gordon Hirabayashi
    Gordon Hirabayashi (External link)
    About important civil rights activist, Gordon Hirabayashi, who challenged U.S. internment and was arrested in 1942. His... More