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Resources for High School Mathematics students.

This collection of MERLOT Mathematics resources may be used with high school students who may not be advanced in mathematics and may need some pre-algebra skills. Several of these resources address equity, diversity and inclusion. Educators and learners can incorporate these resources into their learning experience in High School Math courses.


Collection Content

  • Differential Equation Calculator - eMathHelp
    1. This an online calculator that finds analytic solution of the initial value problem with a given ordinary... More
  • Graphing Linear Equations
    Graphing Linear Equations (Presentation)
    1. This is an informational video that shows students how to use graph linear equations using the slope and y-intercept.... More
  • 18.03 Differential Equations
    1. This online course is a technology-rich lesson plan that can be used in a mathematics classroom. 2. This lesson plan... More
  • Demos with Positive Impact
    1. “” is a collection of quick classroom demos that enhances the learning of Mathematics through... More
  • Pedagogy in Practice:  Video Case Studies of Teaching Science; Pedagogy in Practice: Video Case Studies of Teaching Math; Strategies in Practice Resource Guide
    1. This particular resource is a pedagogy that address the critical shortage of teachers in Math and Science. 2. The... More
  • Differential Equations Textbook
    Differential Equations Textbook (Open (Access) Textbook)
    1. This is a free textbook that covers material for an introductory course on differential equations. It includes... More