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Westward expansion and Minorities - copy

These sources support the California State Standards of 8.8.2. A standard that eighth grade students should meet in this course. It has primary sources from oppossion and supports of the Indian removal act, which affects the Cherokees that reside on ancestral lands in Georgia. The cause and effect of westward expansion as well as the indian removal act students can use sources and overviews to determine the causes that land to expansion and many tribes losing their land. As well as how the expansion effected other miniorities at the time.


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  • Protest Against the Trail of Tears: A Letter by Ralph Waldo Emerson
    This source is a youtube video that portrays the letter (primary source) from Ralph Waldo Emerson being read out loud.... More
  • Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
    This source is a list of treaties between tribes and the U.S. Government, as well as laws enacted upon indigenous... More
  • Primary Documents in American History:  National Expansion and Reform,  1815-1860
    This source is full of rich primary and secondary sources that have to do with the period of expansion as well as the... More
  • A letter from President Andrew Jackson to the Cherokee Nation ...
    Through this source students can use the perspective of Andrew Jackson and his reasoning for the removal of Indigenous... More
  • Chinese immigrants and Mexican Americans in the age of westward ...
    Through this overview it helps students gain another perspective when it comes to the expansion of the United States and... More
  • Journeys West | Classroom Materials at the Library of Congress ...
    This source of Journeys west, covers about 4weeks of content, however it has great sources for the teacher and can be... More