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Tools to teach diversity or to help bring in diversity into teaching materials - copy

Tools to teach diversity or to help bring in diversity into teaching materials.

Students benefit from seeing how people of all backgrounds can be successful. Here I'm gathering resources to be able to show my students successful people from different ethncities and walks of life. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are present in this bookmark as I'm looking for resources to teach diversity to students. In older text books and through most of their academic careers White people have been the ones to be doumented and thier achievements taught. I'm hoping as a teacher to be able to share the other successful individuals who do not always get writen about. Prompting my students to ask the questions of how they too can be successful regardless of their backgrounds.


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  • World Digital Library
    World Digital Library (Collection)
    Can show the history and modern day advances of all kinds of people from different backgrounds allowing kids the choice... More
  • Cultural Awareness
    a tool for me as a teacher to learn how to incorporate diversity into my curriculum.
  • 10 African & African American Psychologists You Should Know ...
    An example of Black psychologists to get students thinking about how far education can take them too.
  • Featured Psychologist: George Canady, PhD
    A great example of how a Black Psychologist brought change with the use of science. Also an older figure to show that... More
  • Diversity Workshop: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege
    In order to bring in diversity first I need to go over what diversity is with the students
  • Opening Eyes into Inclusion and Diversity
    This source is more for me as a teacher to get a perspective on how other countries work at inclusion of diversity.
  • Careers in STEM: Highlighting the Achievements of Diverse Individuals
    Examples of people in the Latinx community in STEM to show them they're capable. Students should see people from other... More