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Korean Language Resource

This is a collection that is for students who are familiar with Korean or have no knowledge of the language. Through this collection, students will be able to learn in a wide variety of ways and practice their skills with the language. The resources allow the students to practice their vocabulary, grammar and expressions, and conversation practice.  

The collection addresses EDI through the content area by engaging in diversity by including a variety of resources that suites the preference of various students. For instance, there exists different videos and activities that students can choose due to their preference. Equity is prepared by having the students have access to a variety of resources that can have them all accomplish their goal of learning the language. Inclusion is prepared by having various cultures be references in the resources.


Collection Content

  • KOSNET Korean Language Study
    Kosnet is a website that has various activities, videos, and information on learning the basics of the Korean language.... More
  • Korean Through Folktales
    Korean Through Folktales (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This resource allows students to learn Korean in a fun and creative manner through the use of folktales. Folktales,... More
  • Typing Korean
    Typing Korean (Drill and Practice)
    A student’s first encounter with the Korean keyboard will be a challenging experience as they must remember what each... More
  • Korean Crossword Puzzle
    Korean Crossword Puzzle is a site that can allow anyone to create crossword puzzles as a means of reviewing the... More
  • Beginning Korean. Activity Book 1
    Beginning Korean. Activity Book 1 (Drill and Practice)
    This site allows students to work on meaningful activities that help the students practice important skills in the... More
  • Talk to Me in Korean
    Talk to Me in Korean is a website that enables students to learn how to speak and pronounce the language in a native... More