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Polynomial Functions and Pascal's Triangle

This collection includes activities and resources for the study of polynomial functions which includes operations with polynomials, Pascal's triangle, polynomials graph and mathematical modeling. The resources address EDI explicitly in the content or with the supports embedded in the activity which make them accessible to students with a wide range of students mathematics skills.


Collection Content

  • Polynomial Puzzler
    Polynomial Puzzler (Assignment)
    This activity reinforces students' skills in working with multiplying monomials, binomials and factoring trinomials.... More
  • Week 3: Everyday patterns and formulas: 1.1 Pascal's triangle ...
    This resource allows students to discover how the Pascal's triangle is constructed. Hints in the activity helps students... More
  • The mathematical secrets of Pascal's triangle - TED-Ed
    This 5-minute video clip reveals wondrous secrets contained in the Pascal's triangle. One of the secrets is the binomial... More
  • Algebra: Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions
    This Khan Academy resource contains exercises for operation with polynomials. This is EDI approved as each exercise... More
  • Polynomial & Rational Function Gallery
    This online textbook resource displays visuals on polynomial graphs which helps with students' understanding of the... More
  • Polynomial Functions and Mathematical Modeling
    This resource allows students to engage with mathematical modeling using real data. Students will apply their knowledge... More