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This collection is for social science teachers in high school, curated with Civics, Economics, and Psychology in mind. Each source covers Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity as part of their content area. 


Collection Content

  • Mendez vs. Westminster Case: Separate is NOT Equal. Violation of Fourteenth Amendment
    Explores a landmark case that covers desegregation in California schools. At the time, Spanish speaking students were... More
  • Fiscal Policy Definition: What is Fiscal Policy?
    Fiscal policy is the taxation, finance and spending programs that governments use to affect the economy. By... More
  • Treasury Bills and Fiscal Policy: What is Fiscal Policy?
    Treasury bills are an important outlet for governments and an excellent way for them to acquire funds without raising... More
  • Colorful Flags
    Colorful Flags (Reference Material)
    This website offers workshops and videos that work to take on and recongize inherent biases. Doing so allows for... More
  • The Collaborative for Gender Equity: Overcoming Gender Bias
    An aid to help deal with stereotypes in the classroom when it comes to male dominated fields. Also helps to recongize... More