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Websites for French speaking literature websites for high school, community college and university teachers - copy - copy

The objective of this collection is to provide French speaking literature materials for teachers from all over the world from male and female authors. It contains different websites which focus on "la littérature francophone." (French speaking lterature)

Those resources address EDI because they include French speaking literature from all over the world showing than French is not reducted to France, women are included and the resources give points of view of what French and French speaking countries are. Moreover the resources allow teachers to provide free resources to students.


Collection Content

  • Le Littéraire dans le quotidien
    Le Littéraire dans le quotidien (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This website brings you to Google drive where a professor from Cornwell university shares Literature lessons for French.... More
  • La bibliothèque numérique de TV5Monde
    This numerical library offers 618 classical French speaking novels. Teachers and students can download a novel from this... More
  • Ile en Ile
    Ile en Ile (Collection)
    This website is very important for a teacher teaching literature who wants to include all the diversity of French... More
  • Femmes Ecrivains
    Femmes Ecrivains (Collection)
    This website provides French speaking literature written by African women. It is a good website for teachers who want to... More
  • Landmarks in French Literature by Lytton Strachey - Free Ebook
    This website is useful for teachers teaching literature as it provides an extensive list of free kindle book and Epub... More