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US History 8th Grade

This is a collection of materials which discuss the early discovery of the new world and how Europeans reacted to the discoveries of the Americas in 1492.


Collection Content

  • Smithsonian Open Access:  Create. Imagine. Discover
    Geography of the New World "the Americas" specifically North America before European Contact. Maps, Routes, Trade... More
  • Native peoples of North America
    Native peoples of North America (Open (Access) Textbook)
    A complete guide to the Native People of North America pre 1452 and currently updated to our modern time. "2021" It... More
  • Where is Vinland?
    Where is Vinland? (Case Study)
    The History of the Vikings! How is the history of the Viking intertwined with US History? Norse settlements in... More
  • The Round Earth and Christopher Columbus
    Reference Material for Christopher Columbus and his history. In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue. His... More
  • Columbian Exchange
    Columbian Exchange (Assignment)
    The Columbian Exchange. How it has shaped the history of the Americas and those who inhabited the New World. A... More
  • History of International Relations: A Non-European Perspective
    History of the Americas and the International relationship they had with the Europeans. Specifically pre-colonial period... More