Bookmark Collection

Tools to aid English literacy skills

Intended for High School students, this bookmark collection pulls from different resources to help students have a better understanding to work on key English language skills. Students will have a broader and more depth understanding of English grammar, sentencing, and writing from these resources. 


Collection Content

  • Grammar Slides for English Learners
    These open educational resource materials consist of presentation slides intended for use in an English Learner... More
  • 70 Idioms Every English Learner Should Know
    A resource to help English Learner Students with idioms and fluency.
  • crosswords for English language learners
    Fun crossword activities for English language learner students.
  • Communication Beginnings: An Introductory Listening and Speaking Text for English Language Learners
    Helps English Language Learner students with speech-to-text communication.
  • The English Learner Movie Guides
    The English Learner Movie Guides (Reference Material)
    Helps English Language Learner students watch and understand movies by reading the provided guided scripts.
  • Stories for English language learners
    Addresses literacy issues by expanding students' vocabulary through reading books.