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Materials for Courses on Gender

Modules for use in courses on gender in sociology, women's studies, etc.

Collection Content

  • Implicit Association Tests
    Harvard's Implicit Association Tests site, including information about how the tests work as well as the ability to take... More
  • All Mixed Up: Putting Gender Identity Into Perspective
    Site with personal story of a transsexual psychology graduate student, mixed with information about the broader... More
  • Historic Ad Collection
    Historic Ad Collection (Collection)
    Great resource--searchable or browsable collection of newspaper/magazine ads from 1911 to 1955. Can be used to... More
  • Women and Social Movements in the United States
    Women's history site--collection of primary documents on women's history and social reform from 1820 to 1940. Includes... More
  • Child Prostitution - CSEC
    Child Prostitution - CSEC (Reference Material)
    Site on child prostitution worldwide. Has a few very basic lesson plans, discussion topics, etc. Image archive okay but... More
  • The Pill
    The Pill (Collection)
    Site to accompany PBS documentary on the pill. Includes video clips of women describing their lives and opinions before... More