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General Organic Chemistry

This course is the first semester of the one year fundamental organic chemsitry course. You will learn reactions, arrow-pushing mechanisms, and synthesis of various organic compounds.

Collection Content

  • Named Organic Reactions: An Interactive Guide
    This resouce is a site that allows the user to test his or her knowledge of certain named reactions in organic chemsitry... More
  • Steve Mardsen's Chemistry Resources for Students and Teachers
    This resource includes lecture notes, demonstrations, and a very insightful periodic table. Other www links are provided... More
  • Organic Compounds Database
    Organic Compounds Database (Reference Material)
    This resouce helps you name an unknown organic compound by filling out as much information as you know about the... More
  • Animations of Organic Reactions
    This resource animates the arrow-pushing mechanisms of basic organic chemistry reactions.
  • Colby College Organic Chemistry Simulations
    This resource contains great simulations of organic chemistry ideas that are being discussed in class. Seeing the actual... More
  • Chem Rain
    Chem Rain (Animation)
    This is a very interesting game to help the student learn organic reactions by "raining" reagents on the screen. Try it... More