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Web Accessibility for All

This is an excellent instructional resource for online tutorials, examples, web standards, accessibility news, CMS accessibility, evaluating accessibility, and showcases. This site is designed to help in creating online content according to the accessibility electronic standards and 508 disability guidelines. Online tutorials include SPSS practice Dataset in a .zip file, on how to make files accessible for individuals with disabilities, video webcast 54 minutes long on accessibility for all, office documents video tutorials, PowerPoint, PDF, and evaluation tutorials. All of them can be very useful not just for web developers and designers, but also for teachers to have a better understanding of accessibility of web sites. Informative and also very helpful is the “Learn by Example” link which offers a comparison of direct examples of inaccessible and accessible websites and specific Section 508 Guidelines, enabling the users to learn as they go through the examples. The explanation page is there to enrich the information on what is already seen in the examples. The site contains a link to W3 Accessibility Guidelines. In summary, “Web Accessibility for All” really justified its title, because it is a full resource of video examples that can be used for free in the classroom, hands-on exercises, web standards and much more for teachers, students, designers and professionals. Keywords: accessibility, Web accessibility, Web, section 508, w3c guidelines, guidelines, tutorials, analysis, technical assistance, workshops, evaluation, validation, disabilities, Madison, university, Wisconsin

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