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Principles of Financial Accounting

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  • Adjusting Entries for Supplies and Unearned Revenues (Accounting 211 Online Resources)
    Excellent interactive tutorial covering adjusting entries for supplies on hand and unearned revenues.
  • Introductory Accounting: What You Need To Know Fast
    Nice series of videos that cover the accounting cycle in 60 minutes. Author is a dynamic, captivating speaker and... More
  • (Simulation)
    Interactive software tool to create a company and chart of accounts. Default chart of accounts is based on IFRS.... More
  • Crossword Puzzles
    Crossword Puzzles (Drill and Practice)
    24 crossword puzzles for principles of financial and managerial accoutning. Can be completed online for review or... More
  • Time Value of Money Learning Object
    Andrew Spieler's video lecture.
  • Debit/Credit Flashcards - Drill & Practice for Principles of Financial Accounting
    PowerPoint flash cards - useful for independent study or in-class practice.
  • Flipping the Principles of Financial Accounting Course
    Extensive resource for anyone interested in flipping a principles of accounting course. Explains how one professor... More
  • Drills for Accounting Basics
    Drills for Accounting Basics (Drill and Practice)
    Resources (quizzes, crossword puzzles, etc) for principles classes on a variety of topics. 5 star peer review and 5 star... More
  • The AIS Transaction Cycles Game
    The AIS Transaction Cycles Game (Drill and Practice)