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This collection pulls together sites that deal with culture in general and the hispanic world in particular.

Collection Content

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    This site featuring the MET Museum is definitely a must if you believe in the integration of the arts in the World... More
  • Modulos Culturales
    Modulos Culturales (Tutorial)
    A multimedia literacy project that incorporates arts, literature and film. The modulos are intended to support students... More
  • Diego Rivera
    Diego Rivera (Collection)
    Diego Rivera and his works with explanation in English and Spanish
  • La vida y la ├ępoca de Frida Kahlo
    Frida Kahlo, her life and times
  • WorldImages Kiosk
    WorldImages Kiosk (Reference Material)
    Hosted at San Jose State University (CA) and created by Kathleen Cohen, this world art website features a collection of... More