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Computer General Topics

General information on various topics

Collection Content

  • Number System Conversion Tool
    Number System Conversion Tool (Drill and Practice)
    Includes tutorial and JavaScript conversion tool
  • Adding and Subtracting in Base 2
    Animated binary adder & subtracter
  • PC Technology Guide
    PC Technology Guide (Simulation)
    CST 119 Hardware
  • Digital System Tutorial Table of Content
    Tutorial for digital concepts, number systems, logic gates, and Boolean Algebra. Has practice quizzes.
  • Linux Tutorial
    Linux Tutorial (Tutorial)
    Java applet
  • Computer Numbering Formats
    Computer Numbering Formats (Reference Material)
    May contain too much information
  • Animated Technical Dictionary
    Flash oriented technical dictionary
  • Computer Number Base Conversion Program
    Converts between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
  • Learning MS-DOS
    Learning MS-DOS (Tutorial)
    Used in CST 119
  • Linux Tutorial
    Linux Tutorial (Tutorial)
    Very interactive tutorial. Modules 1-3 contain more than the CST 119 OS lab, but would be useful.
  • UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
    Has practice exercises for commands.