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Summer 2007

Interesting finds for 2007.

Collection Content

  • Mi Vida Loca
    Mi Vida Loca (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Full language, spanish and english available. Trip to Spain. Conversations and usual situations in Madrid, Spain.
  • LangMedia Foreign Language Media Archive
    This website takes you to websites of many different languages. It is useful to show the differences between different... More
  • Mis Cositas
    Mis Cositas (Collection)
    Cool website for students to use at home to hear/see in Spanish, English and French.
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary
    The Internet Picture Dictionary (Reference Material)
    Games and vocabulary... can change the language.
  • Todo sobre España
    Todo sobre España (Collection)
    Teaching website: info about Spain. In middle/high school... maybe 5th grade... could be used for information. It is... More
  • Discovering Mexico
    Discovering Mexico (Reference Material)
    National geographic report on Mexico.
  • El baúl de mirar y ver
    El baúl de mirar y ver (Reference Material)
    Spanish website (from Spain) for teachers.
  • Mexico para niños
    Mexico para niños (Collection)
    Would be very cool if the English site would open for the kids.
  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    Teaching tool for finding online, legal images of realia for instruction.
  • Taller hispano
    Taller hispano (Tutorial)
    Older kids.
  • Colibrí
    Colibrí (Collection)
    Advanced books with pictures
  • El baúl de mirar y ver
    El baúl de mirar y ver (Reference Material)
  • Learn Spanish: Spanish Pronunciation
    Good exercise for pronunciation (phonics drills). Would not seem to be very useful, but they do a direct compare and... More
  • Ojala que llueva cafe
    Interesting song for pronunciation and grammar.
  • ESPANOLE: THE On-line Resource for Students and Teachers of Spanish!
    Looks neat.