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  • Discovering Mexico
    Discovering Mexico (Reference Material)
    This is a neat website about Mexico by a National Geographic reporter. It is very informative with lots of different... More
  • LangMedia Foreign Language Media Archive
    This is an excellent website that could be used to compare different Spanish-speaking countries. It is loaded with... More
  • Learn Spanish: Spanish Pronunciation
    Good exercise for pronunciation (phonics drills). Would not seem to be very useful, but they do a direct compare and... More
  • Todo sobre España
    Todo sobre España (Collection)
    Teaching website: info about Spain. In middle/high school... maybe 5th grade... could be used for information. It is... More
  • Mis Cositas
    Mis Cositas (Collection)
    Cool home investigations tool. English, Spanish and French.
  • Learning Network:  Hispanic Heritage Month
    Maybe good for reports/information on Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Todo sobre España
    Todo sobre España (Collection)
    Lots of info. Not as interactive as hoped. Might be good for info for a project/trip created by students/groups of... More
  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    Realia websites.
  • Mi Vida Loca
    Mi Vida Loca (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This site could be used at home for further use and knowledge of Spanish language by any level student. It is very... More
  • ESPANOLE: THE On-line Resource for Students and Teachers of Spanish!
    Graphics are neat and catchy. English and Spanish. There are MANY other helpful links that are not dead. This would be a... More
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary
    The Internet Picture Dictionary (Reference Material)
    This is a very FLES friendly website. It is very interactive and the pictures are neat to use with the vocabulary.
  • El baúl de mirar y ver
    El baúl de mirar y ver (Reference Material)
    This is a good teacher resource. It would work also with native speakers. It is all in Spanish, and is mostly text (no... More
  • Colibrí
    Colibrí (Collection)
    This is a website that offers cultural/traditional storybooks that are accompanied by pictures. This website would not... More