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Environmental Studies

Collection of resources to support environmental instruction across the curriculum.

Collection Content

  • NIH Curriculum Supplement Series
    NIH Curriculum Supplement Series (Reference Material)
    Cutting-edge science discoveries.
  • NASA's Visible Earth
    NASA's Visible Earth (Collection)
    Directory of images, visualizations, and animations of the earth.
  • Parade of Games in PowerPoint
    Easy to assemble educational games to support key learning points.
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    Sustainable Agriculture (Online Course)
    Sustainable agricultural practices and their social, environmental, and economic impacts.
  • The River City Project
    The River City Project (Simulation)
    Multi-user, interactive simulation of a river town.
  • Web-based Inquiry Science Environment
    Students examine real-world evidence and current scientific controversies.
  • BioKIDS: Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species
    Exploration of local biodiversity, collection of animal species, and investigation of individual animals and how animals... More
  • Smile Programs Biology Index
    Smile Programs Biology Index (Reference Material)
    Over 200 single concept science and math lessons.