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for use in the podcasting workshop

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  • The Real Beginners Guide to Podcasting
    supposedly a simple guide
  • Classroom Audio Podcasting
    looks like 10 things to know about podcasting - mentions advantages as well as a link to something about digital... More
  • Educational Podcasting for Teaching and Learning
    found this site (links to educational podcasts) on my own previously but couldn't get anything useful out of it. But... More
  • Quick Podcasting Guide
    looks good
  • Podcasting for Foreign Languages
    use of podcastings for foreing lang teaching
  • Introduction to Podcasting
    Introduction to Podcasting (Reference Material)
    short and sweet and visual - read quickly
  • A Teaching with Technolgy Whitepaper: Podcasting
    PDF tackles 3 different ways of using podcasting in teaching: lectures, additional content, student-generated
  • The Real Beginners Guide to Podcasting
    has tutorials for several ways of creating podcasts; also has an audio file that is a compilation of other podcasts and... More