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LOs that need further reviewing

These learning objects are in need of further review before being implemented in the courses I teach. They all look promising, however, more time is needed to determine the level of quality for each.

Collection Content

  • Psychology Experiments on the Internet
    Looks great but couldn't actually do the expr's bc I couldn't download the plug-in. try again alter.
  • The U is Flat: Cross-Disciplinary Support for Critical Evaluation and Effective Use of Web-Based Learning Resources
    The University of Michigan's proposal to incorporate Merlot into our campus learning methodologies. The addition of GSI... More
  • iRubric
    iRubric (Workshop and Training Material)
    Good Prof./GSI resource for composing rubrics for course assignments. Must register but it is free.
  • ADHD: Disorder and Treatments
    ADHD: Disorder and Treatments (Reference Material)
    some pop psych quick overviews and tips on many MH disorders
  • The Psych Files
    The Psych Files (Presentation)
    This site looks like a great resource for learning about psychology in various different areas. The podcasts and videos... More
  • Neuroscience for Kids
    Neuroscience for Kids (Collection)
    take a look at this later.. poor ease of use but may have some good learning materials
  • Eliza
    Eliza (Simulation)
    Classic therapist in computer form.
  • The Art of Crime Detection
    This simulation is a neat way to teach/learn the difficulty of eye-witness reporting. While it is a bit time consuming,... More
  • Working collaboratively learning object
    This tutorail on group work looks great but I shuold take more time looking at it.