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Liberal Arts Math

This collection contains a number of general math resources.

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  • MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
    A rich site for materials pertaining to math history. Students find much of interest here from math in other cultures to... More
  • Abacus
    Abacus (Tutorial)
    The history of the abacus along with a virtual abacus that students may manipulate. Well-written. Most students know... More
  • ScienceU--Geometry Center
    Colorful explanations of symmetry and tilings; provides a simple tutorial on the basic concepts involved in tilings,... More
  • Cut-the-Knot!
    Cut-the-Knot! (Collection)
    Large and varied collection of interactive math materials in algebra, geometry, recreational math and more. There is... More
  • The Prime Pages - Largest Known Primes
  • How Stuff Works
    How Stuff Works (Reference Material)
  • Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
    This is an outstanding collection of materials related to the Fibonacci numbers including animations, puzzles, exercises... More
  • Symmetry and Tilings
    Symmetry and Tilings (Reference Material)
    This is a wonderful site with a lot of animation and diagrams
  • Math Forum
    Math Forum (Collection)