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MERLOT Diversity Collection

A broad variety of learning objects that facilitate the celebration of diversity in the learning environment.

Collection Content

  • LangMedia Foreign Language Media Archive
    This site contains authentic video, transcription of the dialogues in the source and target languages and great realia.
  • The National Capital Language Resource Center: Culture Club
    The NCLRC Culture Club is an online hotspot for anyone interested in teaching and experiencing the world's diverse... More
  • Astronomy of Many Cultures
    Astronomy of Many Cultures (Reference Material)
    for CBL lessons- astronomy from different cultural perspectives
  • Teaching Foreign Languages K–12
    Workshop 6 is all about strategies for maximizing the learning experience for all learners
  • Intercultural & Cross Cultural Teaching Portal
    TheIntercultural & Cross Cultural Teaching Portal provides vignettes on cultural sensitivity and helps the educator... More
  • Making Assessment Work for Everyone: How to Build on Student Strengths
    Deals with assessments that take language and sociocultural diversity into account.
  • Multicultural Pavilion
    Multicultural Pavilion (Collection)
    The Multicultural pavillion provides educators a place to start for developing their own inclusive style and... More