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SERC Activity Collection

Materials for learning activity development.

Collection Content

  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Authentic presentation of culture through photographs,links,text and video.Assignment to make use of all these.
  • Voyage Virtuel
    Voyage Virtuel (Reference Material)
    Creating a sense of geography and cultural diversity with an interactive map. Group and class project possible.
  • Langues de France en Chansons: Regional Music in France and La Francophonie
    Discovery exercise
  • Le Génie du manguier
    Le Génie du manguier (Animation)
    Presentation idea
  • TV5:Cités du monde
    TV5:Cités du monde (Collection)
    Choose a Francophone city in the series and do a virtual visit. Send a virtual postcard.
  • Espace Francophone
    Espace Francophone (Collection)
    Louisiane videos
  • INA Médiathèque
    INA Médiathèque (Learning Object Repository)
    JiT; Mai 68
  • Magazine Espace francophone
    choose some video
  • En mai chantons ce qu'il nous plaît
    For study of Mai 68
    REACH:VOCES (Simulation)
    For heritage Learner class; a beginning activity
  • Today's Front Pages
    Today's Front Pages (Collection)
    Multilingual resource