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Lifespan Development

for P216 in all formats: hybrid or face-to-face

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  • The ChildTrauma Academy
    The ChildTrauma Academy (Presentation)
    Follow this to the website where there is information on brain development and the effects of maltreatment on it as well... More
  • Child Development Institute
    Child Development Institute (Reference Material)
    Has information on parenting that might supplement textbook and on play that might be good resource to go with the... More
  • AmoebaWeb: Developmental Psychology
    Has multiple links to parenting information and has a link to developmental psychology that is worth exploring for more... More
  • Postpartum Support International
    Has link to article on perinatal mood disorders that clarifies difference between baby blues and postpartum depression.... More
  • Cognitive Development and Intelligence
    Not sure yet how useful. Worth coming back to later.
  • Case study: children, families & child protection
  • Institute of Gerontology (IOG) Wayne State University
  • Street Children - Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation
    This seems like a great opportunity for doing some cross-country comparison and/or for having them think about how all... More