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Typesetting Materials

This collection contains my favorite typesetting materials for mathematics. Currently I use MiKTeX, WinEdt and TeXCAD 32. This is enough to create the materials showcased at
(I also use some special, commercial fonts from Y&Y TeX, but it's possible to easily live without them.)

TeXnicCenter is included, because it is a free alternative to WinEdt.

Collection Content

  • MiKTeX
    MiKTeX (Reference Material)
    Full service public domain TeX package for Windows. Install this first and start the previewer ("yap") once to make it... More
  • WinEdt
    WinEdt (Reference Material)
    After installing MiKTeX, install WinEdt. It should automatically interface with MiKTeX (it has a pre-configuration). The... More
  • TeXCAD for Windows
    TeXCAD for Windows (Reference Material)
    TeXCAD for Windows can be installed independently of WinEdt. It is configured to interface with MiKTeX for previewing.... More
  • TeXnicCenter
    TeXnicCenter (Reference Material)
    Public Domain front end for MiKTeX. Since I already had WinEdt, I did not want to switch. It seems interchangeable with... More
  • A Gentle Introduction to TeX
    A Gentle Introduction to TeX (Reference Material)
    Quick introduction to TeX. Not a replacement for a book on LaTeX, but it has worked for years as my only reference (in... More
  • Graphe easy
    Graphe easy (Simulation)
    When I found this program I decided to replace all two dimensional graphs in my textbook with graphics produced by... More