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Interdisciplinary Humanities I Learning Resources

Collects online Merlot learning materials for HUM 201.

Collection Content

  • Encyclopedia Mythica
    Encyclopedia Mythica (Reference Material)
    Great resource on world myth.
  • The Internet Sacred Text Archive
    The Internet Sacred Text Archive (Reference Material)
    Contains an incredible number of world sacred texts, mostly in Victorian-era translations.
  • Digital Dante
    Digital Dante (Collection)
    A powerful though occasionally erratic site.
  • Hero's Journey
    Hero's Journey (Reference Material)
    Outlines the hero's journey.
  • Resources in Mythology
    Resources in Mythology (Reference Material)
    Big, complex, interesting site.
  • Medieval Music & Arts Foundation Early Music FAQ
    Useful summary of the main points of Medieval and Early Renaissance music.
  • The Cave of Lascaux
    The Cave of Lascaux (Reference Material)
    French Culture Ministry site. Slick and useful.
  • LEonardo DaVinci
    LEonardo DaVinci (Reference Material)
    Virtual Leonardo museum.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents a Timline of Art History
    Complex and comprehensive timeline!
  • Smart History
    Smart History (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Good images and brief commentaries.