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  • American Transcendentalism Web - Emerson - Thoreau
    Wow. This website basically outlines the entire transcendentalist American literature movement. This database is easy to... More
  • OER Literature Catalog
    OER Literature Catalog (Open (Access) Textbook)
    I wish I had not found out about this resource during my final year at college. This resource provides free online text... More
  • Reading Fiction
    Reading Fiction (Reference Material)
    In my ever-growing desire to understand literature better, this website gives a lot of advice on critical reading... More
  • Audio Engineering Reference Library
    This is a seriously impressive database. As an Audio Production student, I wish I had known about this years ago! This... More
  • Studio Buddy
    Studio Buddy (Reference Material)
    This is another essential database for Audio Engineers. This program is a one-time installed database that will help any... More